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Here you will find our selection of vintage and antique mechanical pocketwatches, including exceptional manufacturers such as Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin, Illinois, and more. They just don't make them like these anymore! Beautifully constructed inside and out, these are a real tribute to American industry and ingenuity. We also have the occasional Swiss piece. These classic timepieces are true works of art from times gone by.

The price includes full restoration and repair. The work will be performed after purchase. Your timepiece will come to you fully restored and correctly serviced. This entails proper service of the movement, a new mainspring, and anything else that would be necessary to bring the watch into proper working order. The extent of restoration will be left up to the new owner, so please contact us us to discuss.

Please allow 1-2 weeks after purchase for service to be completed.



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Waltham Model 1892 "Canadian Pacific Railway" C-1915

#13161 Price $1625

Waltham Private Label 18s C-1858, Pre-Civil War!

#13131 Price $1150

Elgin 18s 14K Gold Hunter 17J C-1873, Untouched!

#13204 Sold

Elgin G.M. Wheeler 18s *Serial Number 6395*

#13189 Price $1075

Illinois 16s Sangamo Getty Model 23J C-1910

#13195 Price $925

Waltham Ladies 14K Gold Hunter C-1884, Scalloped Case

#13215 Price $875

Elgin Veritas 16s 23J, C-1920

#13113 Price $725

Waltham Vanguard Signed Canadian Dial C-1907

#13213 Price $775

Hampden Railway Special 23J Two Tone Movement

#13077 Price $750

Hampden Railway Special 18s 23J, C-1916

#13129 Price $675

Elgin Ladies 14K Gold Diamond/Ruby Hunter C-1892

#13194 Price $650

Elgin Veritas 21J 3-Finger Bridge, C-1908

#13115 Price $675

Hamilton 992 C-1907 Bar Over Crown

#13136 Price $675

Hamilton 992 RG w/ Montgomery Dial, C-1935

#13190 Price $675

South Bend Studebaker 21j, C-1927

#13116 Price $650

Waltham Vanguard 23J, C-1919

#13130 Price $650

Hamilton 992 Boxcar Dial, C-1935

#13202 Price $625

Hamilton 992 C-1914 Montgomery Dial

#13200 Price $625

South Bend 227 16s 21J C-1924

#13185 Price $625

Hamilton 996 C-1916

#13210 Price $600

Waltham 18s PS Bartlett Coin Silver Swing-Out Case C-1879

#13199 Price $575

Hamilton 992B C-1945 Bar Over Crown

#13178 Price $575

Hamilton 992B Railway Special, 21J Late 1940's

#13206 Price $550

Elgin BW Raymond 16s 21-Jewels, C-1932

#13100 Price $550

Waltham Vanguard 23J, C-1944

#13156 Price $550

Waltham 12s 17J Hunter C-1910

#13192 Price $500

Hamilton Cal. 992 16s 21J, C-1938

#13152 Price $500

Waltham 16s 15J Hunter, C-1904

#13191 Price $475

Waltham Coin Silver PS Bartlett 18s Keywind Hunter C-1873

#13181 Price $475

Omega SS PW C-1940's w/ Chain

#13164 Price $450

Hamilton 940 Swing-Out Case C-1914

#13148 Price $475

Hampden Railroad No. 105 16s 21J C-1916

#13064 Price $475

Illinois Bunn Special, 21J C-1924

#13207 Price $475

Waltham Royal in Coin SIlver C-1892

#13201 Price $425

Hamilton 12s in 14K Green GF, C-1938 w/ Box

#13209 Price $450

Waltham 12s C-1902, Box & Insert!

#13218 Price $375

Elgin 12s w/ Multicolor Dial C-1918, w/ Box

#13140 Price $450

Elgin 0s Ladies Hunter w/ Chain C-1907

#13179 Price $425

1950's Travel Watch, Canadian Made

#13216 Price $250

Waltham 12s Hunter C-1904

#13212 Price $350

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