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Rolex Warranty Box Item #5027 Price $350

Here we have a vintage Rolex warranty box measuring 9.5’’ x 7.25’’ x 6’’ in outstanding condition. You don’t see a Rolex box like this very often! With 2 storage compartments, this warranty box is much bigger than others we’ve seen. Probably double the size!

The green leather exterior is in wonderful shape with no tears or scratches. The corners are sharp and have no wear. The gold Rolex logo and coronet on the front of the box are in good shape. The hinges on the box are also in good shape, and open (and stay open) to 90 degrees. The bottom of the box looks like it had some rubber feet installed. One of the feet is missing, but could very easily be replaced. Overall, excellent collectible condition.

A perfect way to store your own warranties or other Rolex collectibles, or would make a great display piece!