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Longines-Wittnauer Promo Pamphlets C-1941 Item #5201 Price $250


106 ORIGINAL WWI-ERA ADS! An amazing collection of Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company 75th Anniversary Promotional Sales Pamphlets.

These were distributed to Longines/Wittnauer watch dealers to promote new anniversary styles and the Longines-Wittnauer Brand. These have been sitting in storage for quite some time, and look like something that could've come off the press yesterday. Just amazing that these survived at all, let alone in such nice condition. And in bulk!

"Longines The World's Most Honored Watch" - 3.5'' x 6.25" Great graphics with many men's and ladies styles. Folds out to a poster size 13'' x 21''. Would look great framed! 11pcs.

"The Longines Observatory Movement" - Approx. 3.5 x 6.5'' Great graphics including a nice print of the Longines Watch Factory. Talks about Longines being awarded 20 World's Fair grand prizes & 28 gold medals. 34pcs.

"Wittnauer 75th Anniversary Watches" - 3'' x 6'' Very cool fold out brochure advertising men's and ladies' style watches, with a brief overview of the Wittnauer brand. Folds out to approximately 9'' x 12''. Another that would look outstanding in a frame. 2pcs.

"Famed for Service Since 1866 - Wittnauer Watches" - 3.5'' x 6.5'' Sepia tone with very nice illustrations and watch photos. Meant to show the variety of styles Wittnauer had to offer at the time. 59pcs.

It's rare to find any vintage paper item in this condition, let alone 100+ pieces in unused condition!


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