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Waltham Private Label 18-Size C-1858 Item #13131 Price $1150


With a 13,156 serial number, it's absolutely amazing to find such an early piece in untouched condition. This 1858 private label pocketwatch was made by Waltham for a jewelry store in Bridgton, Maine. The Waltham movement still runs, but does need resotration. As you'll see from the photos, the watch still has its original dust ring in good condition - an extremely rare find for a pocket watch from this period! The watch is housed in a signed, coin silver 18-size case with lots of rich, original patina. The history of this watch can be seen in its case, complete with all its bumps and bruises. With that said, all the hinges are working as they should, and the case is structurally sound. The porcelain dial looks perfect with no chips or hairlines. The blued steel hands are original. The watch will need a new lift spring and a new crystal.

The photos below are of the watch in its current, unrestored state. No polishing or refinishing has been done.

The price includes full restoration and repair. The work will be performed after purchase. This entails proper service of the movement, a new mainspring, and anything else that would be necessary to bring the watch into proper working order.

Once you've made your purchase, please contact us so we may discuss the restoration.

Please allow 1-2 weeks after purchase for service to be completed.

Our goal is to achieve what we refer to as "Sympathetic Restoration"; in other words, bringing the watch back as close as possible to its original appearance without the need to remove all signs of its former life. We don't want to dramatically change its history.

During the restoration, we only use we only use period-correct parts, and in most cases, genuine factory parts from the same time period as the watch.