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Elgin G.M. Wheeler 18-Size Keywind C-1867, Serial #6395 #13189 Price $1075

C-1867, the very first year Elgin was in business and the first year of production. This G.M. Wheeler looks to be all original and untouched for many, many years. We believe the movement is 11 jewels, but can't be certain until we service it. That is if we do. The new owner may want it just as it is, and we wouldn't blame them if they do.

It is so very rare to find anything this old (over 150 years old!) in this untouched condition. What we see is at some point someone repaired the second's sub-dial. The repair looks to of been done using lacquer. Something an old time watchmaker would have had on hand. Certainly no super glue at the time and besides, that's sacrilege for these old pieces. The movement is wonderful. We love the monster size jewels in bezel setting. The fact that it still has its key guide and its fancy engraved balance cock (taken after the earlier English watches I'd guess).

The case is a very utilitarian open face style. Made by Keystone of Silverode, it too is all original including its bow and very thick glass crystal. The crystal has scratches and a few edge chips, but at its age so would you. We think it should be left alone.

Our suggestion with this watch is to service the movement only. Make it work, but no machine cleaning and certainly NO polishing. We would absolutely understand if a collector would want it left alone. But service is offered, please contact us to discuss.