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Elgin 18-Size Solid 14K Gold Hunter Item #13204 SOLD

Wonderful condition, all original, and in SOLID 14K GOLD! This 18-size pocketwatch by Elgin has it all, and at well over a century old! 

The watch has been left as it came out of the factory almost 150 years ago. AMAZING! Take a close look at the pictures for the detail in the case design. 

Virtually no wear to the gold! And it is currently untouched! Meaning that nobody has polished or cleaned this watch in many, many years. We are showing it as found and before restoration!

The SOLID 14K GOLD hunter case looks like it has never been polished, and barely used. It’s in absolutely amazing condition both inside and out. The hinges for the front and back covers and the cuvette all open to a straight 90 degrees. Both the lift and catch springs work perfectly and the front open with a strong swing, as it should. If this watch saw much use this would be the case. The crest on the front of the case has never been engraved. The bottom of each side of the case has been engraved with a very cool little village scene. 

This is a hefty gold case, and measures just over 52.6mm across without the pendent. It’s a heavy 4.56 oz total weight  Just imagine carrying that around in your pocket all day!

The white porcelain dial is in excellent condition. It features black Roman numerals and take a look at those blued steel hands. Great looking, original and very fancy.

The last very cool feature of this watch is that it is a transition piece. Back in the 1870’s the American watch industry was transitioning from key wind watches to stem wind. This watch was an early transition piece, which means it is both a key wind and a stem wind. The movement is also one of the highest grades at the time being 17 jewels and marked “Adjusted”.

The photos below are of the watch in its current, unrestored state. No polishing or refinishing has been done.

The price includes full restoration and repair. The work will be performed after purchase. This entails proper service of the movement, a new mainspring, and anything else that would be necessary to bring the watch into proper working order.

Once you've made your purchase, please contact us so we may discuss the restoration.

Please allow 1-2 weeks after purchase for service to be completed.

Our goal is to achieve what we refer to as "Sympathetic Restoration"; in other words, bringing the watch back as close as possible to its original appearance without the need to remove all signs of its former life. We don't want to dramatically change its history.

During the restoration, we only use we only use period-correct parts, and in most cases, genuine factory parts from the same time period as the watch.