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Helvetia German DH Military WWII Item #2348 SOLD

Forgive us if this watch offends anyone. It is a WWII German military “DH” wristwatch. The field watch worn by the common soldier  We find it interesting as a piece of horological history, a military timepiece from that period in world history, and for its complete and untouched original condition.

This one is a Helvetia brand with a signed movement that features very early shock-proofing. It’s a pretty cool setup and a design that I have never seen. The high-grade movement is Swiss made with 15 jewels. We have just completed a complete service on it and it is running well and keeping good time.

We serviced the movement only and the watch is running great. The dial, hands and case, all were dry cleaned only. No cleaning solutions or even water were used. We decided against installing a new crystal or even polishing the current one. If the new owner would like a new crystal or this one polished, we will be happy to do it.

The case is chrome plated with a stainless steel case-on caseback and has all the correct military marking. And just like the American A11s from the same period, this one has lots of plate wear. It isn’t pretty, but hey, it’s a military working watch. That’s why few examples survived.

This is so original it even has its original case tube and crown. The casetube is over-sized and was (most likely) filled with oil-saturated cork. An early form of waterproofing.  Also that is how we know it is original. Other crown types will not fit this original case tube so many of these watches have had both the crown and casetube replaced. BTW, the watch also has its original Lead caseback gasket. They didn’t have rubber ones back than. 

The case measures about 33.7 mm so it is much bigger than the A11s. I took a picture of it on my wrist to give an idea of how it wears. I am 5’9” and about 160 and I think it looks good. Pretty much a perfect size for a vintage timepiece.

One last thing. Since like most military watches, this has fixed lugs we installed a German made heavy leather open-end strap. It’s a great look!